Cosmetic natural products from the Perigord

Inspired... by the nature in Périgord
Formulated... using the existing bibliography 
Made ... in our small village using only natural ingredients, mainly from this village but also from some other places in the Dordogne

Les savons

Les huiles 
pour le visage 

Les huiles bienfaisantes pour le corps

Les teintures végétales

Les baumes

And here are the first products coming out

Indeed to bring a cosmetic product to the market takes few months : formulation, packaging research, stability studies, validation by a toxicologist up to the printing of the lables. Bare with us as we have some other precious oils produced from the preserved natural environment to come in the next months ( massage oil, exfoliating oil, face oil....) For more details come and visit us in our boutique

Savon le Périgordin

The inspiration came from reading the usage that our ancestors made of wallnut oil which was pressed down in our village in the mill (which disappear now). This oil was used for lighting, food and produce soap

Huile de Pâquerette

One classical used for millenars for the  bust

Huile Visage Bouquet sauvage

6 wild plants recognized for many centuries for their cosmetic usages, combined with the precious wallnut oil, which can be used for all skin types

Baume magique

To discover absolutely. A mixture of beeswax, honey, oil and a wild plant


This is a natural blend of 3 clays, proven anti pollution and usable by all skin types.
To respect the product thus the effect on the skin, you go with the sterilized bottle and filled by respecting the good manufacturing practices. You come again and we use the deposit system

Huile visage 

Roses Sauvages

Face oil made of wild rosehips from the village extracted in our walnut oil. Your skin should enjoy it

Huile de massage  d'origan

Another pleasure to nourrish and moisturize your body. Made of origanum renowned for its relaxing properties and again extracted in our precious wallnut oil