Welcome in L'Atelier OlliOz in Liorac

Inspired, formulated and made in Liorac

Welcome to the Dordogne-Perigord where we are originally from 

After some years spent in different countries, and walking through our field of beautiful and strong wallnuts trees, we slowly and strongly felt that the nature was showing us the way to offer a range of natural, respectful and efficient products  to take care of our skin. This is by looking at the plants strenghts and discovering the properties of the wallnuts oil that we started our cosmetic product range, made in Liorac

Our concept is based on honesty and true relationship between you and us. We would like you give us a visit in our beautiful small and old stone house boutique  which has hundreds years of history and an amazing soul.

We are passionated. 
When we are not in the nature collecting plants, we are making some nice products for your skin in our state-of-the art laboratory.
And the rest of the time, we are sharing our experiences with you in our shop which is worth a visit.